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0.jpg (76.08 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-30 upload at 14:29The previous day card WTAPS director TET had released third bombs and blog shoe VANS Syndicate series, now the Bash "S" has been officially selling debut. Inspired by the Spike Lee black film directing New York hip-hop style Bash, into the TET for the end of 80s and 90s in the early 1980s style, Vans natural skate style WTAPS into the cultural and creative. In addition to the tongue part in the WTAPS proposal marked as the main axis, the shoe side is also embroidered on the "Rise Above" English words with special shoe bag. 〈br bash="" "s"="" white="" style="" has="" been="" officially="" in="" hawaii="" in4mation="" store="" shelves,="" and="" accept="" overseas="" telephone="" ordering.="" addition,="" the="" other="" 2="" colors="" of="" same="" paragraph="" will="" be="" added="" near="" future,="" interested="" friends="" can="" get="" up="" to="" hands="" feet. 001.jpg (23.36 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-2 15:29 upload 002.jpg (25.88 KB, download number: 2) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-2 15:29 upload 003.jpg (29.19 KB, download number: 2) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-2 15:29 up buy cheap jordans online load 004.jpg (15.4 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-2 15:29 upload 005.jpg (19.33 KB, download number: 2) download attachments saved to the album 2008-7-2 15:29 uploadThe proportion of ultra fat buttock, look bigger than the big basketball, all weekend, want some fresh. what is the health of the beautiful, what is called youth invincible, UCLA basketball baby Danielle for your perfect interpretation. nonsense not to say, the picture above: more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. with the western countries on the trade barriers increasingly China footwear, the relevant departments of the state has put forward the goal of adjusting the industrial structure of the footwear industry, demand in about 15 years to build 3 to 5 international brands across the industry. under the support of national policy, recently, the domestic shoe industry leading enterprises Kangnai group again, in Shenzhen Minsk aircraft carrier held International Strategy Forum and global synchronization issued by the core technology as the main business o Retro jordans for sale f Shu Shi & quot; series of shoes, the target group positioning of the series of products for high-end. Previously, the first overseas flagship store stationed in Paris commercial gold section. Lenovo for many years, China's footwear industry in the international market to endure the "dumping of pain" " Kangnai's high brand strategic intent has been obvious. For a time, China's footwear trade foreign trade "ice breaking" problem surfaced again, causing a strong response from all walks of life. in a few years ago, Kangnai Group Chairman Zheng Xiukang in an interview with reporters pointed out that, according to the EU anti-dumping measures China shoes on the whole and can not stop the pace of Chinese shoes to enter the international market, but will produce stage barriers to Chinese footwear development. In this situation, Chinese enterprises should intensify their efforts to innovate and create their own brands. Only by mastering the core technology and creating a world-class brand, can we occupy the international high-end market and stand in an invincible position. And this holds internationalization strategy forum, the high-end collection of Chinese shoe industry and even world shoe industry, without doubt, will promote the innovation tide of Chinese shoe industry again undoubtedly. jordans on sale online as the "leading leather shoes Wang " Kangnai share in the domestic market of high-grade leather shoes in 10%, has been with Italy nanfenbozhong. In the form of business and international advanced level, and become China's first to join the world's footwear industry authority SATRA center footwear enterprises. Since 2001, when the rate of China's shoes industry went out first and the first overseas franchised store was unveiled in Paris, the internationalization strategy of Kangnai has been steadily advancing. At present, Kangnai has opened more than 100 stores in more than 20 countries worldwide, and plans to open 1000 stores (cabinets) overseas within the next 5 years. "business Shu ""; a series of products once released, it has been the industry's strong concern. In recent years, "leisure economy" " in the global rise has become Kangnai from 10000 varieties of shoes selected "business Shu "" incentives. In addition to product creation) compared with 2004, 2005, the Vietnamese footwear industry to achieve the export value of $3 billion 39 million, an increase of 15%, followed by crude oil, after the textile and garment industry, in the industry of the country's total exports of third, the first six months of 2006, footwear export turnover reached $1 billion 70 jordans on sale mens 0 million, compared with the same period in 2005, growth 20%. the main export of footwear products in 2005 four: sports shoes is still one of the biggest export category, export volume of 2 million 720 thousand pairs, worth $2 million 46 thousand, accounting for 67% of total exports of footwear in Vietnam, compared with 2004, an increase of 12%. Then there are women's shoes, with 8 billion 900 million pairs of exports, worth $5 million 760 thousand. Followed by a variety of sandals and slippers, a total of 6 billion 800 million pairs of exports, the total value of 18 billion 400 million U. s.dollars, and finally canvas shoes, exports amounted to 4 billion 200 million pairs, export value of $217 million. as of the end of 2005, Vietnam has more than 800 complete production lines put into production, now has the ability to manufacture all kinds of finished shoes, the annual output capacity of about 570000000 pairs. More than 400 enterprises engaged in leather making, shoes making and shoes materials are all over the country and employs 1 million people. European Union countries are the main export market of Vietnamese footwear products, accounting for 59% of footwear export share. The second largest market is the United States, which has maintained strong growth since 2001, with e cheap foamposites xport turnover of $61 billion 100 million in 2005, an increase of nearly 40% compared with 2004. In the first 6 months of 2006, the number of Vietnamese shoes exported to the United States reached $403000000, an increase of nearly 30% compared with the same period in 2005. 1999 - 2005 Vietnamese footwear exports Click here to see all the news pictures 1999 - 2005 shoes; product export; ; unit: 1000 pairs of 1999 2000 2001〈)Yuketen is a company specializing in handmade footwear brands, headquartered in California, Hermosa Beach, it is a Japanese designer Yuki Matsuda in charge of the United States shoe brand. Yuketen had just released after a pure DB 5 EYE BOOT to build the cortex, the attack again will smooth leather surface into a suede material shoe body, and the coffee color, beige, brown and green four color mosaic, all handmade, including Vibram outsole. Autumn and winter is coming, boots undoubtedly, most people's hearts are good, like stitching elements of friends can not miss it. It is now available through the Australian boutique upthere. brand name: Maine Guide: Yuketen for running ASICS resurgence's performance in recent years has become increasingly active, so many entry beginners underst cheap air jordans and that running shoes actually have a lot of options, while GEL LYTE III is one of the focus of shoes running shoes design years sports brand ASICS classic. the "BLUEBERRY" style was originally launched in 2009 August, this spring re engraved, strong design sense is also in this series of tongue signs, not only can improve the movement comfort when it would be added to some new retro shoes, Huan Zhenzhong is the ankle provide good protection, and shoes the mesh material brings better permeability. Source: Ronnie Fieg /〉 〈br 〈br 2012-3-30 14:52 upload and download the attachment (542.5 KB) Nike LeBron 9 "night" in Miami this year, the commercial version took a different route with the previous generation design, but a custom version of the designer to restore the continuation of the previous generation of customized version of Nike LeBron 9 "Miami night" new. This version of the Lebron 8 V2 inspired by Nike Low "Miami night", the method of using blue pink black uppers spray color the dreamlike pattern unfolded, the shoes with white Swoosh is still present in white, pink Air Max under a sole and rubber outsole. A very customized and visually inspired customized version, which is expected to be on sale in shortly, and a favorite friend can take care of i jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black t. after ten years of cooperation, the popularity of shoes designer Ronnie Fieg finally bring their own ASICS and Tiger fiftieth joint projects, with "Legends Day" in the name of a variety of classic sneaker design Memorial dedication of both sides. In addition to the GEL-Lyte version sold earlier introduced III.I and GEL-Mai four models of joint color, Ronnie Fieg Instagram also announced a surprise, that is the top 25 in the KITH online store to buy four pairs of shoes, all customers will get a pair of public offering of "Friends and Family" limited edition GEL-Mai, and this pair of shoes limited production of only 100 pairs, so highly collectible and commemorative value. It is reported that the winning list will be opened tomorrow Legends Day, within 24 hours after the purchase announced by mail, interested friends may wish to try luck!Durant Kevin will visit the Greater China region since July 11th, has to Guangzhou, Hongkong, Taipei three cities. Kevin Durant will share the training methods of training professional attitude and unremittingly to China all the basketball loving young people, and the official opening held for the majority of consumers NIKE RISE ACADEMY training service. in early 2008, Kevin Durant has brought new title to Taipei, to encourage more young players dedicated to air jordan 11 space jam for sale training, to win; in 2012, has been in the League to prove the strength of Kevin Durant to Shanghai, to join the "Nike sports exchange, by scoring Hequan star MVP has encouraged many young in 2013, Kevin Durant player; again visiting China and Taipei, to encourage all the young people in the summer evening out of the house, go on the pitch, adhere to the training, to achieve their dreams. Head coach NIKE RISE "even gifted, without hard training, talent will be mediocre. Durant Kevin said. After this year, Kevin Durant after hibernation, relying on adhere to the training and extraordinary willpower strong return, and will once again come to China to share his passion for basketball and mentality. At the same time, he also appeared on the NIKE RISE ACADEMY service training, professional training methods of scientific and systematic introduction to the basketball fans, and encourage him / her by thinking on the pitch and pitch to under continuous self-improvement. And hope that the majority of basketball fans to understand: if you want to improve the level of basketball, to accept the systematic, targeted training and with the actual combat experience, will be more effective than a simple increase in playing time. since the summer of 2016, NIKE RISE ACADEMY will be the first to open in Beijing, Sh Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale anghai, Guangzhou, Hongkong, Taipei and Kaohsiung 6 city, the original intention and goal is for all love basketball participants provide a series of training and entity service platform, to help them have better performance on the court. Both elite players, basketball fans, female basketball fans, or simply love basketball young people can find their own services and training courses in NIKE RISE ACADEMY. Over the past two years, Nike "played tricks" inspire many people involved in basketball, and now, NIKE RISE ACADEMY will use the new and complete service and training course system, help: in September 19th, the central parity of the dollar against the RMB exchange rate exceeded 7.94 mark, compared with the previous trading day up 89 basis points, the RMB hit a new high since the change of the exchange rate. With the exchange reform, a one-time appreciation of 2%, since the exchange rate reform, the cumulative appreciation of the RMB exchange rate has more than 4.2%. at present, because of raw materials, labor and other factors of production prices rose, Quanzhou's export-oriented enterprises generally meager profits. The exchange rate volatility has created new profits for most export-oriented enterprises. it is understood that since May this year, Quanzhou textile and clothin jordan 3 katrina 2018 g, footwear, umbrella, stone industry exports are affected by the volatility of RMB exchange rate. according to Quanzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau of statistics, Quanzhou in the first half of total exports of footwear inspection 52 thousand and 800 batches, the value of $1 billion 112 million, an increase of 4.37% and 4.58% respectively, that is to say, less than 5% in the first half of the Quanzhou footwear export growth. Since 2003, Quanzhou footwear exports have remained above 20% for 3 consecutive years. Quanzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau believes that the exchange rate fluctuations caused by the loss of some orders, is a very important factor. The RMB exchange rate rose by 4% before the change of the exchange rate, making the long-term orders now basically turned into short-term orders. Some of the low-end shoes, which compete at a price advantage, are unprofitable and have to give up orders. Quanzhou export enterprises orders, mostly in May this year before the signing of the exchange, especially in the "Canton Fair", signed a large number of textile clothing list. Most of these orders are based on the spot exchange rate. It is impossible for the importer to raise the delivery price. The producer is damaged. Quanzhou City Bureau of enterprise survey team related personnel said, a high degree of dependence on export enterprises, due to exchange rate losses are greatest, if the continued appreciation of the RMB, its appreciation of the marginal negative effects will become increasingly large, while Quanzhou's export industry in the labor intensive, low products, therefore, in a certain period of time, the appreciation of the renminbi will likely lead to reduce the amount of export products in Quanzhou, and more obvious impact on the competitiveness of Quanzhou enterprises in the overseas market. in the face of exchange rate fluctuations caused by loss of profits, most of the export-oriented enterprises first thought is to raise the export price of products, in order to defuse the losses caused by exchange rate fluctuations. Since May, many garment enterprises in Shishi have increased the export price of some garments, but they are not large enough to compensate for the losses caused by the exchange rate. by)Quanzhou sports shoes and apparel enterprises are not satisfied in sports products in the field of "trouble", in the development to a certain size, after the accumulation of a certain brand resources, many enterprises began to consciously involved in other areas, in order to obtain greater development space. The day before, Shishi a sports shoes and apparel enterprises launched the cowboy series in its winter 2008 new conference, the announcement will be formally involved in the field of cowboy. declared the cowboy is Shishi to her, but it is not the first Quanzhou sports shoes enterprises involved in jeans, as early as a few years ago a famous sports brand in Quanzhou has been involved in a cowboy move, but ultimately due to various reasons not to persist. In this regard, Saiqi relevant responsible person said, psyche as a comprehensive sports goods enterprises, the main products include sportswear, sports shoes, sports accessories and other three series. After years of development, in the field of sports products psyche has considerable popularity and brand influence, although the cowboy had to get involved in the enterprise did not adhere to it, but now the market environment and was different, the cowboy is involved in the psyche, according to the market demand to make thoughtful response, her hopes to build a more complete product line, expand the development space of enterprise. industry insiders believe that "enjoy leisure in comfort, experience the fun of sports in leisure, sports and leisure in modern society is inseparable, in view of this, a lot of sports goods enterprises have joined in the products of fashion and leisure elements. Cowboy is a strong personality color leisure clothing products, especially exquisite workmanship, fashionable jeans, T-shirt collocation and sports, leisure and sports as a whole, to meet people of different ages, the needs of different industries. Sports goods enterprises involve cowboys, which is not fanciful, but on the contrary, for further development of sporting goods enterprises, this move brings more inspiration. (Editor: admin)Trapstar x PUMA "Disc Blaze" joint debut coming 2015-12-16 16:49:28Since the Trapstar x PUMA "Disc Blaze" has attracted great attention since the exposure, dressed in a black dress to the personality of "dark culture re interpretation, vamp is more red deer skin and leather lining to create a visual staggered sense, highlights the texture and layers of shoes at the end in itself. White ink your heart, the red outsole shoes collocation will charm again sublimation. The shoes will be officially released on December 20th, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to it. Air Jordan 11 low personal custom appreciate 2013-12-08 23:31:08 today, PKZUNKGA released a group of Air Jordan 11 low breast cancer customized on his Instagram. Bold use of pink, soles add black spots on the black background, it is a pleasant design.

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