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Wenzhou is famous as everyone knows Chinese shoe production base, the famous shoes, there are many well-known brands, such as AOKANG, Kangnai, red dragonfly, yelikon and so on, these brands in recent years has been firmly secured two or three level market, some in the primary market has also achieved good results. In a shoe factory in Wenzhou to create innumerable brand, strong brand is the shoe companies have been talking about the topic and urgent needs. from 2000 to 2006, almost all of the domestic County, town, and even some prefecture level city was occupied by the Wenzhou brand footwear market. Famous trademarks, leather logo, China famous brand, China well-known trademark, national inspection free products, Chinese real leather shoes Wang and so on, all the honors have basically been Wenzhou shoes enterprises as the bag. This is in recent years, Wenzhou shoe enterprises introduce professional managers of management and management thinking separately. Various media have also spread the brand enterprises in Wenzhou construction achievements, from government to business to the local people, and have a strong desire to create a bra Retro jordans for sale nd, the brand has the market, there are sales, companies have felt the power of the brand. In this place where everything will follow the trend, the establishment of brand is no exception, some small and medium-sized shoes enterprises will quickly put on the road of brand, for a time, Wenzhou has become a veritable "brand" shoes. honor the flood doesn't match with the enterprise embarrassment; according to the understanding of the market, the end of 2006, Wenzhou shoe enterprises well-known trademarks suddenly emerge many business owners are very inspired, have big expansion. manufacturers, agents, managers of the enterprise in the face of honor almost lost, the expansion of the road ahead...... however, the enterprise ignores its various imperfections. Such as capacity, development, market access, terminal image, team management concept, quality, service, talent allocation, shortage of funds and so on. They begin to imitate a parrot, Nike, Adidas and other international brands business model. Women's shoes to Guangzhou, Chengdu and other places OEM processing, casual shoes to Shishi, Guangzhou and other places proce cheap air jordans ssing, gentleman shoes produced, plus from Wenzhou local other shoes processing enterprises. This makes up an empty brand, puts it on the market, sells it, and even opens exclusive stores. As Wenzhou two or three line brand enterprises basically adopt this mode of operation, resulting in the wholesale market of different brands, the same products abound. product homogeneity)Last season, Jeremy Lin has been wearing Adidas Crazyquick 2 Low PE in the stadium against, and the new adidas CrazyQuick Low 2.5 officially released, the individual special edition also will be exposed. This white is the main color and the shoe body, black dragon totem with the body of the shoe lining, and buckle by gold decoration, Jeremy Lin's Logo is impressively printed on the tongue. 1.jpg (419.5 KB, download number: 0) download adidas CrazyQuick Low 2.5 Jeremy Lin Special Edition 2015-2-26 17:25 uploadNowdays, lots of womens can find an array of Women Nike Air Max which have been designed to support them enjoy its running. If you are interested in running shoes that is able to keep your toes warm and at ease, and those great sport shoes may be your ideal choi jordan 3 katrina 2018 ce which are constructed with breathable leather as well as the lining make these shoes the best choice for your complete practical needs in addition to requirements becayse of their professional design and wide styles for the famale's choice. The shoes can be purchased in a variety of colorways that happen to be fashionable. If you need to buy good set then look simply no further for the Real Women Nike Air Max Shoes,then here it's your ideal choice for your making purchasing,also other popular running shoes are also on hot selling, come and see our Kobe And KD Shoes website and get a variety of such running shoes or boots. It is a terrific online store where you can find what you want. Nike Air Max Shoes Are Widely Designed" /〉 I like this news,and it's from masters salute AJ11 : Air Jordan series has been the concern of many friends, the masters will focus on this pair of balloon shoes. In a recent Sole Collector for its " Sole Collector Magazine" the magazine at the 10th anniversary party, the legendary shoe designer Tinker Hatfield published a special Sole Collector Steve Mulholland and create a customized version of Air Jo buy cheap jordans online rdan 11. Hatfield Air Jordan 11 in the primary colors on top of a big trick, in the shoes ankle position, personally painted with a variety of graffiti patterns, including Air Jordan series of several shoes, as well as congratulations on Steve Mulholland. A pair of whole world only, the one and only want to enjoy this Air Jordan 11 friend boarded the Sole Collector for more details. , AF1, fly / Nike, Air, Force, 1, High, Barkroot, Brown", Pendleton, VANS, VANS, x, Japan, Pack, Collection, new releases comments on last article: "AF1 fly again / Nike Air Force 1 High" Barkroot Brown" the new public next article: "VANS" and then "Collection Pendleton x VANS Japan Pack" new release2015 in early Li Ning basketball launched a new basketball boots Li Ningguanghuan (- halo), this pair of shoes is the most notable Mo too it is equipped with a Li arch cushioning technology, for those familiar with the Li Ning basketball friends presumably for arch ring technology is no stranger to today we report basketball hero is a pair of the black x x blue white color of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo). as Li Ning in the core of the slow one of the technology shock, Li Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale Ning bow by the introduction of highly concerned about the vast number of consumers, Li arch slow shock technology based on Li Ning bow shock absorption principle, and before we common Li Ning bow different, now the ring arch slow seismic technology has the characteristics of compact and flexible, modular ring arch cushioning technology can be more for the placed in the focus point and provide better corrosion effect of earthquake. Most slow earthquake science and technology application in the heel of the shoe below, when we landed and can get better protection, but basketball against fierce, non normal landing is very common, and at this moment, the module of cushioning technology also can show their talents, designers in Li Ningguanghuan (- halo) followed by inner and outer side has two modules of ring arch slow earthquake science and technology, as a result, whether we are inside of foot first or outer side of the first to, annular arch cushioning technology can be first time gain strength and responding quickly to make correct judgment, to provide good protection for us. In addition to cushioning technology let a person shine at the moment, this p jordans on sale online air of Li Ningguanghuan (LI-NING Halo) of the upper material also makes people feel fresh. This pair of shoes vamp uses synthetic leather + net cloth as the material, and to create seamless retie one process, with strong toughness, when double foot into the shoe, the first time we can feel a sense of a full range of package. In addition, this pair of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo) shoe body area 3 / 4 use foil process can not only reduce the weight of the shoe body, strengthen the ventilation performance, also the specular highlight film, also let shoes reflects the strong sense of science and technology! finished two characteristics of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo), come back to talk about the details of the design of this pair of shoes, is better able to explain the good intentions of designers. First, for most basketball enthusiasts can only play on the outdoor court, a pair of sneakers whether wear has become the focus of basketball fans are concerned, designers in this pair of shoes used PavTrac wear science and technology, to increase the durability of this pair of shoes is, let it can accompany Basketball love good for long periods of time. Secondly, th jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black is pair of Li Ningguanghuan (- halo) bottom lines "rectangular" neatly arranged, whether the wearer force toward which direction will get rapid response, and is associated with a decent grasp effect, and the medial forefoot of a "doughnut" design not only with Li arch slow seismic technology is similar to the wonderful, but also to meet the functional requirements of grip and steering kill two birds with one stone. 's eyes a bright color and the successful application of the new technology makes this bow Masquelier J Li double Li Ningguanghuan (LI-NING Halo〉4 July 10 at noon, the 2nd Hengdian marathon ended in the middle of Zhejiang Province town Hengdian, this is netizens for domestic style is the most unique marathon, attracted from all over the country in an name running friends to participate. Originally in April is the annual tourist season, but this April, the town of Hengdian, because the marathon ushered in a wave of fever. walked into a horizontal horse, seems to have a run in the play around, drop yesterday, even the queen is cool to run a marathon! security is hot and cool? Are you stupid? What are you get what? run, run to be black a air jordan 11 space jam for sale nd white is the catch to go to hell! also took prisoner marathon leaked out of place, but also ran back to prison, waiting to pack adult to save you this mushroom cool, clothes heavy? Is it hot? Princess consort Yahuan minister came, who am I? What am I doing? Did I cross? this.. Is not Jiangnan four wit? The baby does not accept, please let me go back. I. To. See. Huang. On. a marathon to please entertainment stars, not costly can not easy, yesterday's Wuhan marathon because of the main sponsor please platform of Fan Bingbing, who all know behind certainly invested a lot of money, but for the Chinese film and television filming in Hengdian base, this is very easy, and cash investment is almost zero. Chen he, Dong Han, Qian Yongchen, Yang Zi...... As early as the day before the marathon, a list of the stars of the Hengdian marathon in the circle of friends caused an unprecedented forward. More than a dozen big stars are rushing to come, actually do not have money! yo, run still hot Yao handsome, want you and string elder sister married, female fans will not miss you. the beauty... I can't recognize it, sorryChen he's arrival but caused a surge of fans cheap foamposites ah, look at the eldest sister, the film can be taken seriously, hey, do not run it? In the end you are running a marathon or watching love beans! town 20000 beds were full of in the eyes of the participants, the Hengdian marathon is the label - through, fun! Yes, marathon of any parts of the country are very difficult to like Hengdian marathon this through -- Sun Wukong, the cow devil king, Wu Dalang, Li Kui, Lu Zhishen, the emperors in the Qing Dynasty, eunuch, favorite movie trigonelline, unassailable, Star Wars Knights and so on, all kinds of people in the collective appearance. is said to have 20000 beds in the town of Hengdian, and the end of last year there was a run by the group to start the book.some time ago there have been reports of the blue Nike Air Max 1, this time on sites such as Concepts stores. Select a combination of traditional leather and mesh on the upper material, sapphire blue vamp is located on top of the navy in the bottom and SUEDE FENDER, although slightly shallow blue Swoosh not dazzling, but red lace holes and followed by Nike Air words detail to modified bright to mention the role. source: sneakernewsVans Maraka Boot boo jordans on sale mens ts on and you can see a classic moccasin moccasin figure, it continues the moccasin shoes on some of the most striking feature, and the upper high, inside fleece material used on warm performance, appearance also adopts advanced suede treatment this makes the shoes more suitable for autumn and winter wear, insole is also a continuation of the UltraCush Eco technology, can be removed, can be washed, the bottom is light solid, no longer used heavy waffle bottom. But, may need a proper collocation you can navigate to live. Black, Brown is divided into two models, are priced at $70. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog to tell you the truth, now say that something happened between art and fashion of the two, it is "a commonplace talk of an old scholar". Although fashion is "cheap" and gives us the most recent distance contact an art, but also as the image, painting and music carrier of various art forms, it is "symbiosis" and "complex" two concepts. But for us, not like scholars to discuss what relationship between the Balabala... because we contact but also those brands and artists (Art) cooperation. High fashion houses and artists' cooperation, its gold content whether you admit it or not, there are still people in the bag, even if the price is not beautiful as in the past. The long-term cooperation between LV and Murakami Takashi although already ended, but the words "bought can be appreciated". However, these brands like most of us see also really is. But to the small area, from most of our daily wearing street clothes, and the artist (Art) of the joint is not less than those. Between the Supreme and the art of joint cooperation, is already set a series of well known, of course there are many other brands are no longer one by one example. We consider as the field of fashion art has since "perpetual motion" motionless, will emit a certain brand of cooperation with other artists, with their works of art, the update frequency is not meant it all really so simple? So, we are not canmimic, making some of their art X brand cooperation? Next, we found a hard, even if you are not in this circle must also know the artist KAWS. KAWS x CampaignMay you hear the name , wondering how he is, "yes, I'm sure KAWS was recently mentioned, most of the artists. Whether it is Asia's largest KAWS Exhibition "from" end point or not, we expected to Biao "price" of the KAWS X Air Jordan 4 shoes, every aspect is enough to show that he is now in the end how much influence from all walks of life. for KAWS, the most familiar and most contact should be those X eyes of the cartoon image, and these spoof cartoon characters is not his early work. The earliest KAWS art image from the streets, by way of graffiti, wait for the advertising industry development gradually, he began his artistic direction transfer to the field of advertising, the New York Pavilion fashion posters posters throughout the two creation, adding their own iconic graffiti image. It is said that KAWS was a headache, often without action, maintenance personnel will start work not completed, graffiti after the whole posters to replace, then KAWS gradually became famous brand creation, graffiti also gradually recognized, to actively seek for cooperation. So the creation of the TOMMY HILFIGER, Ca〉Air huarache light's recent actions is not less than the classic series air huarache, annual color of the previous section, and black rubber color believe we already know and overwhelmed bring released a pair of new black powder color design, still seems to huarache family of traditional layout debut, all black shoes hit, only in the hollow of the assemblies and bottom selection in shades of pink, shoes, or will soon be released, so stay tuned. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: Chimp Store TheNike Air Max CB 34 II "Wolf Grey" is now available for sale at 2016-02-26 12:48:20 as Charles · Barkley Nike Air Max CB34 II classic boots, always with the muscles and tough style to attract everyone. Today, a brand new color has been placed on the shelves, shoes as a whole with gray as the keynote, with black and red details, rich color. However, compared to the previously reported "Suns" color, there is still a gap. The shoes are now on sale for $160.

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